Following guidance from The English Karate Federation and Sport England, we are delighted to announce that we can return to training in the dojo under the following conditions.

  • Barefoot training is allowed
  • Partner work and the use of training equipment is allowed
  • Classes are limited to 15 plus an instructor
  • Covid hygiene and sanitisation processes are in place

In the first instance, the return to the dojo is limited to students that are aged 17 or under and will start from WEDNESDAY 14TH APRIL.

It is expected that over 18s will be given permission to resume training after 18th May, which for us would see a return to training in the dojo from WEDNESDAY 19TH MAY for students aged 18+


As we move towards a return to dojo training, we will continue to use ZOOM as our online training platform. Access to ZOOM lessons are via a meeting ID and Password that are available to members and guests from the instruction team.

Training Times are as follows:


  • Wednesday & Friday 6pm (white to green belts) and 7pm (purple belt and above).
  • Sunday 4pm (white to green belts) and 5pm (purple belts and above).



Throughout lockdown we have been privileged to enjoy regular sessions from some of the best Japanese instructors in the world (mostly free of charge) with additional opportunities to train organised by JKS England. These sessions will continue for the foreseeable future and details are available from club instructors vias the club ‘Whatsapp’ Group.

Thank you for your incredible patience, commitment and resilience during lockdown. We hope to see you in the dojo in the very near future.

Geoff, Neil, Rob and Chloe

Why Karate

There are many reasons to start karate training, here’s our top ten...

  1. Helps foster self-discipline
  2. Boosts social skills
  3. Encourages physical activity
  4. Self Defence
  5. Increased self-esteem
  6. Instils respect
  7. Encourages non-violent conflict resolution
  8. Builds confidence
  9. Develops teamwork skills
  10. Improves co-ordination

...and most of all, to have fun!


What Are you Waiting For?

As we come out of lockdown, many people are wanting to get back into a physical activity and karate is an ideal discipline to promote both a strong, flexible body and a strong mind. Getting involved could not be easier, there are no waiting lists, contracts or cancellation fees and we don’t run special beginner’s course, just come along and start training; your first session is always FREE!

If you are a 'lapsed' or returning karate-ka, then simply show us proof of the last grade you achieved, and you can join the club at your previous level. The club is affiliated to Japan Karate Shotorenmei (JKS) and through them, to the English Karate Federation (EKF). All students must have insurance in the form of a licence which is provided by the JKS.

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